"Magst du es, wenn andere Männer mich anschauen?" fragte Sue, als wir am Pool unseres Hotels saßen. "Willst du, dass sie meine Titten und meine Muschi sehen".

Das erregte nicht nur mich, sondern offensichtlich auch Sue, denn ich bemerkte, dass sie leicht errötet war.

Sue hatte einen Bikini an, aber beim Sonnenbaden am Pool hatte sie den BH abgelegt und war oben ohne. Ich bemerkte, dass sie ihre Brüste mehrmals eincremte und sich dabei Zeit ließ. Ihre Brustwarzen waren hart und zeigten, dass sie aufgeregt und erregt war.

Wir waren im Urlaub in Spanien, um uns von den langwierigen Bemühungen zu erholen, unser Haus zu verkaufen, damit wir dorthin ziehen konnten, wohin mich meine Arbeit führte.

Sue hatte eine Affäre mit Ben, einem Freund von uns, mit meinem vollen Wissen, während ich weg war und manchmal auch während ich da war. Ich schätze, ich bin ein gehörnter Ehemann, der es genießt, wenn seine Frau sexuelle Affären mit anderen Männern hat, obwohl es bisher nur Ben war.

Sue erzählte mir gerne von ihren sexuellen Liebschaften mit Ben, aber sie war seit drei Tagen von ihm getrennt und wir hatten keinen richtigen Sex mehr, obwohl sie mir einen runterholte oder mich wichsen ließ, während sie ihre Geschichten erzählte. Bevor Ben auftauchte, benutzte sie einen Vibrator, um sich selbst zu befriedigen, aber jetzt bekam sie von ihm eine Menge harter, heißer Schwänze und hatte den Vibrator nicht mehr so oft benutzt.

"Ich werde so geil wie Sau", verkündete sie. "Ich brauche einen guten, harten Fick, ich will einen großen, harten Schwanz, der meine Muschi ausfüllt und mich fickt, bis ich ihn anflehe, aufzuhören." Sie sah mich an, aber ich wusste, dass sie nicht meinen Schwanz wollte, sie wollte Ben, aber da er nicht hier war, wusste ich nicht, was sie tun würde.

"Vielleicht sollte ich ein Bad nehmen und mich etwas abkühlen" Sie griff nach ihrem BH und zog ihn schnell an. Wir befanden uns auf einer Sonnenterrasse mit Blick auf den Pool. Um dorthin zu gelangen, musste sie einige Stufen hinuntergehen und etwa 30 Meter zwischen den anderen Gästen hindurchgehen.

Ich blieb, wo ich war, ich hatte ein paar Bier getrunken und fühlte mich zur Abwechslung mal angenehm entspannt.

Sue kam eine Weile später zurück, sie sah so sexy aus, triefend nass und mit ihrem BH, ihre Nippel standen so stolz von diesen festen Brüsten ab, dass ich spürte, wie ich hart wurde.

"Ich bin gerade befummelt worden", sagte sie. "Siehst du die beiden Typen an der Bar, als ich vorbeiging, sagte der eine 'schöne Titten' und der andere 'schöner Arsch', sie folgten mir in den Pool und einer packte mich und sagte, er wolle meine Titten sehen und der andere öffnete mein Oberteil und zog es aus. Ich ließ sie mit meinen Titten spielen, dann fing einer von ihnen an, mich zwischen den Beinen abzutasten, jetzt fühle ich mich noch geiler. Was hältst du davon?"


I was hard by now and my cock was poking out of my swim trunks. Sue reached over and flicked the end of my cock with her finger making me jump, but any attention from her was welcome.

“You just fucking love my dirty talk don't you, you like it when someone looks at my tits, you like it when someone touches my tits, strokes my ass and fingers my cunt and you like it even more when I get fucked and you can watch” It was true, I do love this dirty talk, my cock was pulsing like mad she flicked me several times and I was becoming more sensitive. While on the on hand it hurt like hell, I was getting harder and harder, coupled with the fact that we were in a fairly public place, luckily I had a towel that just covered my erection. Suddenly Sue grabbed me hard and just held tightly, squeezing, me not moving her hand, I felt as if I would explode, slowly she started to wank me, I think I lasted ten strokes before I shot my cum all over my chest. My cum was on her hand and fingers, she raised them to her lips and tasted them,“Mmm not bad, but your no fucking good to me now I want a stiff cock not that. I'm going up to the room” I thought she was going to play with herself and looked forward to watching her touching and fingering herself, plunging as many fingers as she could get up and as deep in to her cunt as she could.

I cleaned up quickly and kept the towel in front of me to hide the wet patches As we walked back to our room we passed by the two guys, she seemed to rattle the room keys. I think now she was showing them our room number.

She had stripped off her tiny bikini almost before the door was closed and dived into the bathroom, I heard the shower and minutes later she appeared in the door way. Her body seem to glow, she was so pumped up, still feeling horny and looking as sexy as hell. I watched almost mesmerised as she lay on the bed, spread her legs wide and using fingers from both hands opened the soft petals that covered her pussy and clit. Just as she touched her clit there was a knock on the door. I wanted to ignore it but Sue insisted that I answer it. I looked around to see that she had not moved and her legs were still wide apart.

I opened the door to find the two guys from the pool standing there, Oh fuck this wasn't happening. They pushed into the room to see my lovely wife spread eagled before them and Sue didn't even move just lay there smiling at them.

“ Mmmm” one of them said, “This days just getting better and better, what have we got here, looks like a very nice pussy as well”.

I couldn't believe that Sue was just laying there, displaying all she had to these two strangers. It was surreal, it was as if Sue and these two were acting out a play and I was just a spectator.

It transpired that their names were Alec and Carl. Alec was the first to act dropping his shorts to reveal quite a large erect cock, he rubbed himself as he got down between Sues legs and started to lick her. Sue just lay back gently moaning as his tongue did the business. I guess I knew this was what she wanted and had somehow planned it, but any way I felt helpless to do anything about it.

Meanwhile Carl had dropped his shorts , I heard Sue gasp, I thought it was the treatment that Alec was giving her but then I saw the size of Carls cock. It was huge and not even fully erect, he walked towards the head of the bed, this monster of a cock in his hand and watched as his friend went down on Sue.

Alec stopped his oral assault and positioned himself to fuck her. Sue was well lubricated by now and although he had a good size cock he slipped easily inside her.

I almost felt sorry for him, he was the one giving Sue all the action but all her attention was on that monster cock of Carl. Alec was very athletic and really was fucking Sue quite hard and fast, I could hear almost animal grunts from both of them. Thats not to say that she was not enjoying being taken like this, but it was as if this was the starter and she knew the main course was next.

This was all action between Sue and Alec they were going at it like animals. Sue was getting the fucking that she wanted, the guys were happy and so was I. It wasn't long before Sue started to cry out as Alec pounded into her, his grunts got louder, I could only sit and watch, while Carl gently stroked his cock to the full erection, which was very impressive.

Suddenly Sue's back arched up as her whole body tensed, she cried out almost in a scream as she climaxed, Alec followed seconds later pumping his sperm deep inside her.

They both collapsed on the bed, but Carl wanted some of the action too. He held his huge cock in his hand, all I could do was watch as he offered it to Sue, I saw her lick her lips as he got closer to her, she was propping herself up on the bed as Carl touched her cheek with his cock, he was teasing her, he knew she wanted it. Sue grabbed hold of it and guided it to her waiting lips. Licking the now swollen head and lubricating it before she took it into her mouth

She had to open her mouth wide but it still seemed to stretch her. Her eyes were wide open looking up at him. She could only take part of him in her mouth, but I could see that from her cheeks she was sucking him quite a bit and also using her tongue to great effect.

This was a new experience for us, I didn't know what to do, I was getting hard again, but I knew that I would not have any part to play just be a spectator. It was a very erotic scene and I have to admit that I was enjoying being there.

I was now as hard as iron and wanking which surprised even me, I could see Alec using his fingers on her now tender pussy, he dipped his fingers into the goo and used it to excite her tight little other hole, something she never seemed to like if I did it.

Sue was in heaven, she really gave her all sucking Carls cock, she clearly enjoyed being fingered while she did it and I like to think she liked the fact that I was getting some pleasure too, but in reality she had forgotten I was there.

I heard Carl say, “Oh baby, you are good, but I'm still gona fuck you till it hurts” Sues reply was unintelligible as her mouth was full. I had seen movies of blow jobs and it certainly looked as if Sue was making all the right moves. The look on Carls face was a picture, he was trying to be cool and hold back but Sues sweet mouth was too good, he started to grunt as Sues head bobbed up and down taking as much of his thick shaft as she could. Suddenly he grabbed her head holding her on his cock as his sperm erupted into her mouth, she had to swallow it or choke, so she swallowed every last drop.

Carl lay on the bed, poor Alec had to get out of the way as he lay right in the middle and Sue sat astride him, he was still as hard as ever and Sue eased herself over him slowly impaling herself on his cock. She had to do it slowly to be able to stretch and accommodate such a huge thing.

Eventually she had taken his full length, her eyes was tightly closed, she had gasped several times as she took it and I think she had held her breath at times. But now she was comfortable and started to really enjoy it. I watched amazed as she gently moved up and down, side to side and even a circling motion. She leaned forwards getting full contact with her clit on his pubic bone.

Her movements were fairly small but it appeared very effective, she was really enjoying his cock and knew how to use her inner cunt muscles for them both to get the maximum pleasure. It was such a pleasure to watch someone almost pleasuring herself, all her movements and actions were for her own pleasure, her eyes stayed tightly closed, her smile was sometimes interrupted by a look that said Carls cock was stretching her to the max. Each movement was accompanied by a sigh, which slowly turned into a purr followed by grunts then cries as once again her body tensed up as a huge climax took over.

Suddenly she was bouncing on him, that huge cock filling every part of her and crying out as she came, I had never seen her so animated.

As Sue collapsed Carl roughly took hold of her and lifted her onto her hands and knees before he took her doggy fashion. The was no finesse in the way he thrust into her, if she wanted to be fucked hard then this is just what she was getting. She almost screamed at each thrust, her poor pussy had been almost abused today.

I realised that Alec was beside me as I sat in the chair not daring to move. “Do you want to taste your wifes pussy” He asked. Not knowing quite what he meant I sort of said “Yes”. With that he swung me around, I now had my back to the bed he stood in front of me with his cock in his hand. “Then taste this” he said as he forced his cock towards my mouth. I had felt helpless all the way through this and before I could do anything his cock was in my mouth still sticky with his cum and Sues juices.

Now I could not see what was happening only hear my wifes cries as she was so brutally fucked, but I knew that she would not complain, they were not cries of pain but or pure raw sexual pleasure, this was what she so wanted. I could taste Sue on Alec's cock as he fucked my mouth, “Oh fuck” I was actually enjoying this, I had never been involved with any guy like this but now I was excited and aroused and started to suck him. There was no way I could deep throat him so I used my tongue on him, Sues cries were getting louder and closer together as Carl was pounding her.

It was listening to the noises that Sue was making I think that had such an effect on me, I had never felt so aroused in my life before, I was wanking myself, giving Alec a blow job and listening to my wifes cries as she was being fucked good and hard. I came first but Alec was a full minute behind me before he shot his cum into my mouth. Yes, I swallowed it and it tasted good. I never thought I would say that.

I'm not sure when Sue came as she was crying out so much then Carl came, flooding her cunt with his sperm. He just grunted, bastard. I thought he should be more thankful to Sue.

With that they dressed quickly said “Thanks” and left.

Sue was a mess, the bed was a mess, the room was a mess. But she had a smile on her face which just conveyed the message that she had just had the fuck of her life and for now was well satisfied.

Sue slept for the rest of that afternoon and through the night. I sat and watched her for most of the time and that smile never left her face and lips once.